The description of the service "Opti-Sawmill".
IT-park of PetrSU offers you to use the cloud system of optimal planning (CSOP) "Sawmilling." CSOP allows you to effectively solve the following tasks of production planning, using the specialized mathematical models and the optimization algorithms developed by employees of the IT-park, regardless of the amount of orders and the equipment configuration of the enterprise:

- the calculation of the volumetric production plan for the most effective production of the specified order from the existed raw materials, taking into account industrial and marketing factors;

- the determination of the profitability of new orders in conjuction with the current production plan and in conjuction with the other potential orders;

- the calculation of the coordinated plans of cutting for several sawmilling lines;

- the calculation of the order of cutting of the sawing patterns, taking into account the presence of raw materials, the expected deliveries and other features for more densed load of drying chambers;

- the calendar planning of coordinated work of the sawmilling department, drying chambers and the department of gouging on the specified period ( for example, week or month).
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The economic impact of the system usage:

    • the increase of the outcome of useful production (1-2%),
    • the reduction of the expense of raw materials (1-3%),
    • the increase of the profitability ("delta") (0.7-1.5%),
    • the reduction of periods for fullfillment of the industrial orders
    • the increase of the efficiency of the plans's composition,
    • the search of new sawing patterns and the comparison of their profitability,
    • the determination of the profitability of the incoming orders.